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When it flows,

it’s right

Organization nerd

You can always talk to me about work. The job you do has a very big impact on how you live your life, how you view the world and to what you have access. All stories about work and organizations are interesting to me. So it’s not surprising that I’ve made this my work. The official words for what I do are trainer, author, organizational consultant or coach. But I like the organization nerd best; it’s a bit weird, it doesn’t really exist, but tells exactly how I feel about myself.


My first adult jobs since 1997 was in HR at Randstad, Intercontinental Hotels and Compass Group, among others. Later I worked as an organizational consultant for a consultancy and after a short trip as a manager at a municipality, I started working as an independent organization consultant in 2008 under the titile of Transition Advisor. I have assisted various government organizations in reorganisations and reclassifications, in the role of an HR program manager.

In 2013, I took over a publishing company that specializes in systemic work, in addition to my work as an organizational consultant. This has been a beautiful adventure where the end is almost in sight. At the moment I mainly work as an author, trainer, organization coach and keynote speaker.

What I find so incredibly cool through Moving Questions is that working in organizations becomes easier and more fun because everything that hinders the natural flow becomes visible through the questions.


I’m married to the only man who made my knees nodd where we live with our three teenagers in the northern part of The Netherlands. I enjoy fine dining in the company of whom you can talk to with about anything and everything. My sport is weightlifting. I love well-told stories in all forms: film, literature or even in a meeting.