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When you’re scared,

you make noise,

not music



‘Nah, I already wrote a book.’ This was my answer when people asked me why I wouldn’t write a book about the successful card deck, Moving Questions. But one day I forgot. I didn’t remember why I didn’t want to write a book about it anymore. I had no other choice than to start writing. Within two weeks, the first version of the manuscript was finished.

Whilst writing, I gave myself two specific assignments:

1) write a book for people who don’t like to read so that they too have access to this knowledge and

2) no systemic jargon.

The latter led to concepts that are now commonly used in The Netherlands.

Now I am asked when I’ll start writing my third book. At the moment I don’t think ever. I prefer to share my knowledge through online tools, videos, blogs and trainings. There is a lot more movement and therefore innovation in that.