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Movement takes less energy than standing still



Years ago I saw a documentary on tv about a holistic vet. He held his divining-rod above the back of a dog with a hernia. From the background the cynical voice of the commentator spoke, ‘but sir’ he said, ‘surely you don’t believe that this works yourself’. The vet turned around and said with a radiant smile on his face, ‘well, if I need to put a jar of peanut butter on his back and it works, I believe in it’.

With Moving Questions I’m always looking for how the natural flow of life can come back. So all energy becomes available to achieve your goals and dreams.

In nature everything is constantly moving, that’s why movement takes less energy than standing still.

A standstill, or being stuck, occurs in many different forms; when something is not allowed, or has to be done a certain way, or something is forgotten all the time. Moving Questions help to discover where and why it is stuck. The movement, in the form of solutions and decisions, is then inevitable.