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Don’t believe it, find out for yourself



I can remember my first day in my first real job very well. The keys of a brand new car and a phone were casually given. Now I was officially an HR business consultant, a position that I, at the time, looked up to myself. ‘What is it that an HR business consultant does here?’ I asked the HR director. ‘I don’t know,’ he said, ‘Go and find out.’ I walked out of his office looking for my desk. Even before I found it, someone found me and handed me a huge pile of files. ‘These are the files of employees who are on sickleave. You need to fix this. By the way: the files aren’t up to date.’ I found my desk and stared at the files. Another colleague came, ‘you need to fire these people’ he said, and gave me some new files. Also incomplete. ‘You need to do it ASAP’ he dared to add. 

You must know, I flourish in situations like this, situations where I have to sort it out myself. I learned this very skill in the very first system I belonged to.

That’s when I decided, every problem can be solved. If the problem hasn’t been solved, I just need to look in a different direction for a solution.

I can’t provide the scientific evidence for this belief, but to be honest, I’m not very interested in that. The decision that every problem can be solved had put my mind in motion. It still is.